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Follow Along With Me

I have been a Disney movie fan since my mom used to rent them whenever we would have a "sick day." Like many of my generation, I didn't really engage much in the animated movies until The Little Mermaid and, though, I didn't begin to look at them analytically until I was much older, even as a young adult, some things were hard to look past. Now, as a sociologist, I have a chance to examine them all again.

Starting in 2014 with Snow White (1937), I (re-)watched 51 movies, read their source material, and looked at their songs and movie reviews. The movies am focusing on have met the following qualifications: they are based on source material, they are not based on a television series, they are fully or partially animated (and the animation is integrated into the live action), they follow a narrative (they are not a short (or collection of shorts)), and they are not from one of the other studios, or a sequel. In addition to these that I have studied very closely, I, and hopefully others, will discuss other movies and Disney related productions.

I look forward to hearing what YOU have to say.

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